Ripples of Colorado History

Lake San Cristobal in the San Juan Mountains: Roschetzky Photography

Have you ever stood at water's edge and thrown stones into a lake?

As soon as your stones hit the surface, multiple ripples pulsate outward from the points of impact. They continue expanding until their arcs collide with one another—concentric rings break over one another—until one dominates and pushes its own energy forward. 

This is what happened in Colorado history.

To help you understand how Colorado became a state and continues to prosper, we will look at the ripples of Events, Leadership, and Legacies of THREE CENTURIES OF COLORADO HISTORY: 1776-1876–One hundred years to statehood; 1876-1976—Colorado’s Centennial; and 1976-2076—Colorado’s Bicentennial.

Cross Currents of Colorado Events

What regional and national events pushed Colorado to statehood, propelled growth, and still impact your life today?

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Ripples of Colorado Leadership

Who are the Native American, Hispanic American, European American, African American and Asian American leaders who shaped and continue to shape Colorado history—and you?

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Arcs of Colorado Legacies

How do the legacies of three generations of Colorado leaders still arc outward to you and how will they impact your leadership in the 21st century?

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The Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was founded in 2008 to lead the continued preservation and stewardship of the Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion, often referred to as ‘Colorado's Home.’ Our goal is to preserve this historic property as a splendid showcase of the state’s cultural and civic heritage and as a place for the people of Colorado to visit and enjoy. As part of our mission, we’ve created a standards-based Education Program to bring Colorado history to life for 3rd to 5th grade students, serving 3,000 students each school year.
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